Administrative Guidance, Dear Colleague Letter, Sexual Harassment, Title IX

Department of Education and Sexual Assault/Harassment

On September 22, 2017, the Department of Education issued new guidance on Title IX. Given that the the person who received the majority of electoral college votes bragged about sexual assault, it is no surprise that the guidance appears to weaken interpretations of Title IX. Before getting into the Dear Colleague Letter, it's important to … Continue reading

Liability Prevention, Public Records

Public Records Act – A Huge Consideration for Schools

This morning, I came across a post from an attorney friend at the Attorney General's Office on my Facebook feed that read: That collective groan you just heard from every state employee was from a Public Records Act request for every email from all state agencies. Someone just commandeered thousands (tens/hundreds of thousands?) of hours of … Continue reading


Cedar Law listed as a “referred vendor” for Washington charter schools

The Washington State Charter Schools Association has compiled a directory to help connect member schools to local, statewide, and national vendors across a variety of categories. The vendor directory also indicates which vendors have been referred by other schools and organizations. Cedar Law is proud to be a "referred vendor" providing legal services for Washington charter schools.