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Protester and First Amendment Rights
Attorneys:  Sarah Lippek, Chris Williams, Lara Hruska, and Shannon McMinimee

Bellevue High student sues district after he was disciplined for questioning debate club election

Cedar Law is proud to partner with The Strittmatter Firm in filing an historic complaint on behalf of our protester clients against the City of Seattle and the State of Washington.

Lawsuit claims Seattle and Washington failed to protect protesters from drivers and harm

50 BLM Protesters Bring Personal Injury and Civli Rights Lawsuiti Against City of Seattle and State of Washington

Protesters, Summer Taylor’s family sue Seattle and WA state for wrongful death and injuries

Protesters file lawsuit, alleging Seattle, state didn’t act to protect them

Protesters sue Seattle and state over police response

Peaceful protesters sue City of Seattle and State of Washington in civil rights case

Employment Discrimination
Attorneys: Lara Hruska & Shannon M. McMinimee

A middle school principal in Fife sexually harassed his teachers, school board determine

Employment Discrimination Case
Attorney: Shannon M. McMinimee

Auburn special ed teacher alleges retaliation for fighting for kids’ rights

Consumer Protection & Civil Rights Case
Attorneys: Lara Hruska and Catherine Fleming

Former students accuse Seattle’s Antioch University of deception and discrimination

Former Antioch University students in Seattle complain of discrimination, program deception

Suicide Prevention & Civil Rights
Attorneys: Chris Williams & Lara Hruska

Student reports bullying to school counselor, threatens suicide; Parents not notified

Testifying for the Legislature
Attorney: Chris Williams

School Safety Bills Before the 2019 Washington State Legislature

School Bus Issues & Civil Rights
Attorney: Shannon M. McMinimee

School bus service is better, but Seattle special education students may be left behind

When Seattle school buses run late, who picks up the extra cost?

Here’s why many Seattle Public Schools special education students stayed home this week

School Shootings & Lockdowns
Attorney: Chris Williams

School shootings are rare … but lockdowns are taking a toll on kids

Special Education Inclusion
Attorneys: Lara Hruska & Shannon McMinimee

Washington kids with special needs often denied right to learn in general classes

How Sebastian stayed at his neighborhood school