For Attorneys

Education Law Consultation

No lawyer knows everything. There is simply too much law to deal with in our society. The school environment is particularly fraught with conflicting legislative and judicial mandates intended to protect students. We frequently consult with other attorneys about education-law aspects of their cases. From family lawyers to defense-oriented practices dealing with Title IX investigations, we have worked with attorneys and their clients to provide full spectrum advice that protects the educational prospects and goals of their clients. Issues could include school placement and consistency of services after a move, school discipline after a law enforcement investigation, or evaluation of a tort claim against a school after mistreatment during a family crisis. We have worked both “behind the scenes” with counsel and partnered with them to directly deal with schools and clients on their behalf. Call us to arrange for advice and support in your case on an hourly basis.

Co-Counsel Relationships
In many situations, lawyers from many of the largest law firms in the Pacific Northwest have reached out to us to co-counsel cases involving schools of all kinds. From contingency matters to class actions, Cedar Law has entered co-counsel relationships with firms that may have expertise in areas such as litigation and defense, but not specifically in the school environment. If you have a matter that involves significant work related to a school issue of any kind, from prekindergarten to post-graduate university studies, consider whether having the assistance of Cedar Law would add value to your case.

Hourly rates and flat fees are available. Please contact us for a consultation.