Chris Williams, Founding Partner

A former Washington State Assistant Attorney General and Seattle Public Schools Senior General Counsel, Chris has spent most of his career focusing on children’s rights. He has experience as a trial and appellate attorney, in-house counsel for the largest school district in the Pacific Northwest, and in advising a number of nonprofit and other corporate entities. He brings a breadth of experience to bear for the clients of Cedar Law. He emphasizes a lifelong “government attorney” mentality that focuses on proactive, early resolution at as minimal a cost to the client as defense counsel will allow.

He has successfully presented facts that have:

  • Reversed college and K-12 student discipline (from suspensions to expulsions and at all levels),
  • Obtained wrongfully withheld college degrees,
  • Granted WIAA (high school sports) eligibility to student athletes,
  • Private school arbitration. Significant recovery for clients,
  • Reversed college admission denials,
  • Counseled parents struggling with children engaged in dangerous behaviors,
  • Improved programming for special education students, and
  • Over $1,000,000 in collective recovery to students that were harmed in school environments within 3 years of joining Cedar Law, ranging from kindergarten to higher education.

Prior to law school he served as a VISTA volunteer with Milwaukee Public Schools. He later worked as a supervisor in a psychiatric treatment facility for children. As an Assistant Attorney General (AAG), he worked in Family Treatment Court and dealt with family separations caused by addiction. He has also served as a foster parent. He has numerous published opinions as an appellate attorney and years of trial work. While serving nonprofits he has provided proactive counsel and in one particularly notable case, he obtained an award of $2.5M for formerly incarcerated individuals and their families as part of a class action award.

He has volunteered his time in support of children in foster care, formerly incarcerated individuals through the Post Prison Education Program, the Council on American-Muslim Relations (CAIR), the ACLU, and facilitated access to the outdoor experience for those with little access to it. Bringing justice to the educational environment is his guiding motivation at Cedar.


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